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After 5 Years Of Loyalty Towards The M2U App, I Tried MAE To See If It Absolutely Was Time For You To Say G dbye

After 5 Years Of Loyalty Towards The M2U App, I Tried MAE To See If It Absolutely Was Time For You To Say G dbye

As a maybank that is loyal app user for decades, we review the MAE application's features and advantages in comparison to see if I'll make the switch.

Considering that the launch regarding the MAE application, there has been blended reactions from users on AppStore and Bing Enjoy how the app even compares to its predecessor, the M2U application.

I’ve been utilizing M2U for 5 years now, and until today, it’s still certainly one of my go-to financial apps to regularly make re payments and check on my balance.

But understanding that I’ll fundamentally need certainly to bid farewell to M2U like many of us who're attached with it, I needed to learn why MAE would be well worth going to now.

A Friendlier UI Right From The Start

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Exactly How MAE varies from M2U is by having more quality-of-life features such as an cost tracker, a Tabung for you to conserve for a goal that is specific a Makan Mana Wheel, b sters to move free turn into cost savings, and much more.

Some extra things they have in the app are f d discounts and promotions and many articles on their software and managing your finances. You are able to read more about these features here.

I thought the UI was definitely friendlier than M2U’s when I first downloaded the app. There have been more instructions as to what functions do just what in the application. Unlike M2U, I possibly could straight away navigate across the software effortlessly.

The leading page alone had been extensive

I really could also see all my app task in one spot and never have to switch to sections that are different the application to access them.

For example, regarding the M2U application, I formerly could just see my family savings stability using one page, and I’d have to click on that section to see what my spendings were.

In the MAE app, nevertheless, I really could instantly see just what my top expenses had been for the month, my total costs for the thirty days, and my cost savings account balance all in one single page. Therefore, that was a bonus for MAE compared to M2U on first impressions.

An Advanced Cash Transfer Experience

Since M2U had been mostly simply for making re payments, I made my first transfer yesterday to see if there were any big differences between the two apps.

Though the UI l ks friendlier on MAE, there was clearlyn’t t large of the difference transferring through MAE versus through M2U.

The only little huge difference that I can immediately click on my 3rd Party Favourites to transfer to without having to go through an extra step of clicking on which category to transfer to that I noticed was.

I could also immediately see which banks my 3rd Party Favourites usage simply because they included bank icons close to their names. In M2U, it absolutely was just given below their names and account numbers.

Going right on through a few pages before i could produce a transfer on the M2U software

This is usually a convenient function if you have friends with various bank records whom require you to move to particular records at times.

Another little difference we liked was because it takes longer to load that I didn’t have to key in my password every time I wanted to make a transfer, which was one thing I found quite inconvenient when I was using M2U.

However, many people do ch se that extra step of safety. Perhaps MAE could then get this additional step a choice thing via settings to please both crowds.

Improvements Can Be Made

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One of the features I’m l king towards using the most could be the bill splitting feature (when it is safer to assemble, of program) that wasn’t present in the M2U app.

Since most of my friends use Maybank also and we frequently split bills to transfer one to the other, this is a really feature that is convenient us.

It allows us to set up friends to split the bill, and now we not any longer have to determine on our very own or use other bill-splitting apps like Splitwise.

As for the cost tracker, while I realize how a expense pie chart are a g d idea to help you record your investing categories, it isn’t completely accurate.

Purchasing distribution via GrabF d is categorised under Transportation rather than F d & Beverage, which are often deceptive if we were to appear back at it.

Also, once I buy things online from Shopee, the costs could be included under Finances in the place of Buying.

This implies I’ll have to manually rearrange them myself in some recoverable format or any other software to properly track my investing for now, that will be simply undesired extra benefit users.

Then https://datingmentor.org/spain-chat-rooms/ again, i really do understand that this app remains fairly brand new, so they can only track straightforward Shopping spendings if I had been to pay for with my card in a physical store. Therefore to meticulously categorise these costs would take time and upgrading on their end.

Including cash coming in into the pie chart would also be more helpful than just costs alone, because I believe it’s important to see the fraction of the expenses versus your savings for a better summary of your individual finance.

MAE’s Tabung expense and feature tracker

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